Spray Foam Insulation is quickly becoming the main choice when it comes to home improvements in the UK. It is the best insulating material in the world, and it has excellent thermal, acoustic and hydro-insulating characteristics. It is applied in a continuous layer, having a significant advantage over any other insulating technology regarding durability and protection, superior to the one of any other insulating technology.

the spray foam insulation can resist without any reparation for decades. However, installing the foam is not suited for a DYI project; therefore you will need a specialised surveyor to assess the characteristics of the job before applying this type of insulation.

Open Cell Foam Characteristics

The slightly higher price of foam is compensated by the superior quality of this product. The closed or open cell spray foam has multiple applications. While the open cell foam is suited for the majority of projects, the closed cell spray is a versatile solution for spaces in need of hermetic insulation, such as containers or exterior house insulation.

The open cell foam insulation is more suited where a barrier of air is required, as humidity passes through this foam. Usually, the open cell spray foam is suited for interiors, only where a hydro barrier is needed, or in a combination with a hydro barrier. The Open Cell Spray Insulation is a superior air barrier; it reduces consumption by 50%, and it has remarkable benefits on your health.

The open cell foam is a low-density product expanding 120 times its initial volume. It has better characteristics than the ones of fibreglass or cellulose foams. The advantage is that it fills all the empty spaces on any surface. If you are looking for satisfactory insulation, the applied layer has to be at least 15 centimetres thick. The open cell foam expands a lot, so it needs to be cut and polished for aesthetic reasons after application.

Closed Cell Foam Myths and Truths

The closed cell foam insulates the area completely. It expands 30-40 times its initial volume, so a layer of 5 centimetres is enough for proper insulation. Along with the insulating characteristics, the foam increases the integrity of the structure with 300% where it is applied. The spray foam insulation revolutionised the modern architecture, being applied on any surface with remarkable results in time.

Closed cell foam may have some disadvantages such as its slightly reduced resistance to UV rays. The foam exposed to sun rays will degrade over time if not protected correctly. Special paints are applied on these surfaces to protect the closed cell foam from those factors. Bear in mind that the surface has to be repainted once every 4-5 years, but the insulation will be as effective as in the first day for decades if you follow some simple steps to protect it.