At Spray Foam Warehouse we offer only the finest service to all our customers; providing you with the best prices that are tailored to you. But it doesn't have to stop there. We are now offering a revolutionary and advanced spray foam insulation. Thermseal. Thermseal is a water-blown substance used to insulate a property, sealing all gaps and cracks. And with the addition of both open-cell and closed-cell Thermseal, you can insulate not only residential properties but, also commercial builds; boats; barns and even shipping containers. 

Commercial Projects

Thermseal closed-cell (TS-CC) is the ideal product used on commercial projects due to its remarkable structural benefits. TS-CC can add a structural reinforcement to the building, whilst protecting it from mould, condensation and air (as well as water) leakage. 


We help businesses provide an outstanding results with the help of our Thermseal ranges. From start-up businesses to mature businesses we provide our clients a superb insulation product so they can provide superb results.

Residential Projects

Thermseal open-cell (TS-OC) is the ultimate insulation method for any home. The revolutionary spray foam expands upon application ensuring that all cracks and gaps are sealed, preventing condensation and air leakage within the property. Resulting in a warmer/cooler home all season round. 

Watch Thermseal TS-OC at Work



What We Supply 

Thermseal TS-CC and TS-OC are a superior spray foam insulation method that is erupting the insulation market from the ground up.

The unique characteristics of the spray foam makes for an advance air barrier. With it's incredible expandable features the TS-OC can cover all cracks and gaps, reducing the heat loss within your home.

TS-CC will keep your projects well insulated, with a reinforced structure. Your commercial projects will not only bear the benefits of a stronger structure but also prevention from condensation and mould. Retaining the health of the property/project for longer. 

Why Thermseal

Benefits of Thermseal Open-cell


  • Breathable - Allows your timbers to breathe preventing rotting


  • Reduces Noise Pollution - Minimises unwanted airborne sounds that can invade living spaces.


  • Seals All Gaps - Can seal all gaps and cracks to reduce air leakage into and out of the property


  • Saves Up To 50% - Air leakage can contribute to up to 50% of a buildings energy loss, as a result an increase in energy bills. Therefore, with the use of Icynene energy bills can be sliced.

What You Can Do With Thermseal?

We transform thousands of houses into a haven of comfort all across the UK. With Thermseal closed-cell spray foam insulation we can now ensure that even more projects can reap the benefits of our revolutionary insulation method. Thermseal can allow us to help you make sure your project, no matter; barn, boat, shipping container and more. 


TS-OC is the ideal insulation choice for residential projects, providing the ultimate insulation solution for all cold homes. All this whilst retaining the health of a building's timbers.

Canal Boats

TS-OC adds creates an air barrier by sealing all gaps and cracks. Also, prevents mould which is very common on boats and other projects where water is present. 


Instantly a warehouse can be cooled down with the addition of TS-CC. With the additional benefit of a reinforced structure.

Shipment Containers

To prevent the signs of condensation and moisture within a shipping container, TS-CC is the ideal choice.

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