What If I Do Not Have a Felt?

If you don’t have a felt already in place, it is not a problem. Prior installation of the spray foam we would discuss whether a felt is in place already or if you need our team of installers to bring a membrane along with them. This membrane would be attached to the tiles before the installation process begins. So there is no need for you to worry, our team of skilled installers will provide an outstanding service.

Why Is Spray Foam Insulation Better Than Traditional Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is the perfect alternative to traditional insulation methods such as fibreglass or cellulose. It prevents air escaping your loft and stops air passing through your home, whereas fibreglass and cellulose, allow the air to pass through, and only slow down heat loss.

Can I Install Spray Foam Insulation Myself?

Installers are experienced and trained in spray foam insulation and work safety, they always wear protective equipment while installing the material. All contractors apply the foam directly from their purpose built vans and equipped to create complete air seals in the property.

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